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NEP Event Registration Advantage

NEP feels your time is valuable and that’s why we'll take care of 100% of the work to set up your online payment portal, online registration design and oversee all online attendee registration details.

Better Attendee Experience

NEP's registration process is designed to create the smoothest, most seamless, highest converting registration experience possible.

Example Event and Registration Form

Social Media Tools And Integration Built In

NEPs event software offers Sharing, features to Tag a friend, and prompts attendees to share their registration on social media with a call to action.

Registration page displaying social media integration

Our Pricing Is Simple And Straightforward

Standard pricing is $1.99 per paid attendee + standard card processing rates (~3.5%) and 4% to NEP. That's it! No other hidden fees or contracts are required.

For example: If a registration has 2 attendees for $100 each, the attendee fee would be $3.98, making the total transaction amount $203.98. The credit card fee is approximately $7. Your net registration amount would be $196.98.

Example Event and Registration Form

4% To NEP Covers:

  • Custom event page
  • Custom designed and branded registration page and sponsorship page
  • Custom registration fields
  • A personal NEP digital event coordinator to answer all your questions from start to finish

Let NEP take the work off your plate, we understand your time is valuable, utilize our registration experience so you can focus on more important elements of your event.

Registration page displaying social media integration

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