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Help a Hero is an easy step-by-step crowdfunding platform to help you raise money for the heroes in your community. Are you ready to make a difference?

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Bad things happen to good people. When a community hero falls upon hard times or is critically injured, we need to help them. Help a Hero builds a passionate community that is ready to support your cause. Make a difference today and help your hero.

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Why Help a Hero?

Immediate Response

First responders face dangerous situations in their jobs, so when tragedy strikes, Help a Hero allows the community to provide immediate financial relief.

Guaranteed Donor Protection

Unlike Gofundme and other crowdfunding platforms, your donor data is never sold and remains secure to the organizer.

Simple System

Help a Hero's user-friendly platform allows you to create, personalize, and launch your campaign in minutes.


Donors can generously cover the Stripe credit card processing fee so you receive 100% of the donations.

Successful Social Sharing

Donors receive a unique advocate link they can share via social media to spread awareness and get more support.

Dedicated Expert Support

Our friendly customer support agents are on standby to answer any questions you may have.

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