Why NEP?

A decade ago, NEP saw the benefits of new technology and what it could bring to the table for its clients. Ahead of the curve, NEP adapted to an ever-changing market, introducing fundraising opportunities for clients via websites, email, and eventually through social media via digital targeting. One additional benefit to the fundraising, which many people today feel is more important than the money itself, is NEP’s ability to harness valuable data from donors to build an army of supporters. These local supporters are then able to lend support and additional aid when issues of public safety are under attack by politicians. NEP data harvesting has secured many public safety victories for police officers and firefighters, keeping them on the job, fully staffed, and ready to serve.

The Early Years

NEP got its start over a quarter-century ago, providing direct mail fundraising for law enforcement unions. This service proved to be very helpful for law enforcement organizations as they used the money to fund community initiatives- helping law enforcement build power and gain positive influence in the communities they serve.

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Our Mission

The mission of NEP is to strengthen emergency responder and non-profit organizations through the use of proprietary technology, time proven fundraising strategy, and brand building communications assistance that transcends traditional and social media.

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Meet our executive team

Stacey Yudin - CEO

Stacey Yudin

CEO & Partner
Mark Treglio - President

Mark Treglio

Drew Howitt Founder & Director of Business Development

Drew Howitt

Founder & Director of Business Development
Devin Jones Director of Operations

Devin Jones

Director of Operations
Devin Jones Director of Operations

Shubhangi Srivastava

Director of Technology

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