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Supporting the lives of officers and deputies from around the nation

The National 9-99 Police and Sheriff Foundation raises funds for injured or fallen officers and their families, invests in K9 safety and training, and provides counseling and mental health resources to all officers in need.

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K-9 Support & Relief

K-9 Officers help protect law enforcement officers from further risk on the job. Far too often however, these brave animals lack the funding critical to their program’s existence.

Injured Officers

Over 60,000 law enforcement officers were assaulted with more than 17,000 critical injuries in 2017. Even with insurance, these injuries are costly to officers and their families.

Post-Traumatic Stress

Law enforcement officers are at much higher risk of experiencing symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress than the general public after witnessing horrific events on a daily basis.

How we try to help

Public Awareness

Working to improve public knowledge of the experiences that officers go through and change the idea that heroes can’t ask for help.

Emergency Relief Support

Providing immediate financial assistance following a critical or career-ending injury to be used as needed for the officer and their family.

K-9 Unit Stipend

Contributing financially to K-9 units for the purposes of building a K-9 program, conducting training or purchasing needed safety devices.

General Scholarship

Awarding additional scholarships annually to officers who have protected and served their communities, but are no longer able to.

Mental Health Experts

Referring officers to a network of mental health specialists (counselors, psychiatrists, even peers) who provide pro-bono or discounted services.

How you can help

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