November Client Update

November Client Update

From April 1 to June 30th of 2021,  NEP experienced unprecedented growth, setting records for the highest number of clients signed during any 90-day stretch in the company’s history. NEP also set a record in fundraising, bringing in $2.2 million for clients to give back in support of community initiatives.

In the article titled, “Coming to the Rescue,” NEP President Stacey Yudin sat down with the Journal to discuss the company’s growth, being a female president in a male-dominated environment, and where NEP is going in the future.

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NEP Introduces New Marketing/Branding Division

As budgets tighten, media slants, and attacks on the rights of emergency responders increase, NEP Services is proud to announce the creation of its new marketing and branding division to help clients control the narrative on public safety in their communities.

NEP now has experienced emergency responders on staff who specialize in strategic communications, branding, and marketing. They understand the tough job leaders have and can provide expert assistance for any issue and/or crisis.

To activate NEP’s marketing specialists, email

NEP Launches National Communications Training Event

SAVE THE DATE: MARCH 10th and 11th

NEP Services is proud to announce its inaugural communications training seminar titled “Adapt or Die: Controlling the Narrative to Win the Hearts and Minds of the People We Serve.”

This aggressive two-day seminar will help leaders generate their own media, build their own audience, control the narrative on issues affecting your members and public safety.

  • How the Media Works
  • Strategic Planning
  • Crisis Communications
  • Digital Targeting
  • Media Relations
  • Spokesperson Duties

For more information, please contact NEP Vice President Mark Treglio at

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