NEP Introduces Marketing Services To Bolster Client Brand Building, Crisis Communication Messaging

NEP Introduces Marketing Services To Bolster Client Brand Building, Crisis Communication Messaging

NEWPORT BEACH CA - As budgets tighten, media slants, and the rights of emergency responders are increasingly under attack, NEP Services (NEP) is proud to announce the creation of its new marketing and branding division to help clients regain control of the narrative on public safety in their communities.

The addition of these services are the natural next step for a company that has experienced record growth in 2021, in both the number of clients added and the amount of money raised for these clients through its fundraising and data harnessing programs. As the needs of its clients have adapted, so has NEP.

“Being able to add strategic marketing and branding services to complement our state-of-the-art technology is truly the next step in the evolution and maturity of our company,” states Drew Howitt, founder and CEO of NEP.

To provide these new marketing services and deliver for its clients, NEP has recruited emergency responders with backgrounds in marketing and winning political campaigns. These strategists have experience in the streets and on the campaign trail.  They understand the tough job NEP clients do every day.

“Anyone can build a website or teach funny pics on Instagram,” states Mark Treglio, NEP’s Executive Vice President- brought in last April to oversee the company’s next phase of growth and solidify its infrastructure. “Our clients now have elite professionals who can develop a strong message, apply a winning strategy, win pay raises, and protect benefits for their members on the frontlines.”

NEP is not wasting time putting its new team to work. The company has already announced a two-day advanced communications training event scheduled for March at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

For more information on how to access NEP’s new marketing and branding services to win your next battle, reach out here.

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